Allison Priestman

Embodied-Relational Therapy is an integrative approach drawing from Reichian bodywork, psychodynamic thinking, process approaches and earth centred spirituality. ERT studies and encourages embodied relating, using creativity and an openness to what is unfolding in the moment to explore the client’s process, and aiming to encourage practitioners to work with the complexity of their embodied responses to their clients.

My intention is for the groups to be nourishing, supportive, yet challenging. The diversity of counselling and psychotherapy approaches of its members bringing a deep richness to the groups.


Venue: Work studio just outside of Stroud

Times: First Friday afternoon of the month

The group has space for new members from January 2019

Supervision, like good therapy, is a balance of support and challenge. I am interested in creating honest and transparent supervisory relationships so that risks can be taken and deep learning can occur. My expertise lies with supporting you to work with embodiment, and with how to encourage your clients to explore their body process. I also work with the relationship, by following parallel process between you as supervisee and myself as supervisor, which can echo the re-enactment of significant relationships between you and your client. I am excited by and interested in working with practitioners who are looking to develop their working practice in whatever direction that may take.

Working with Embodiment and Relationship.