Allison Priestman

Wild Therapy Weekend Training Workshop

An ecopsychology  workshop

for counsellors, psychotherapists and others

Allison Priestman, Stephen Tame   

  13th – 14th October 2018, The Hearthside Room, Bovey Tracey, Devon

Cost: £170

For more information and to book: - contact Stephen: 01626 438 279

"My clients are human animals, interdependent with the plants, animals, soil, bacteria and other non-human beings around them. They yearn for connection with nature, they grieve the loss of other-than-human life."

Take the chance to experience and include the other-than-human in therapeutic work.

The world of psychotherapy, counselling and similar practices are waking up in new ways to the crucial connections and disconnections between clients and nature.

This weekend workshop offers you the opportunity to undomesticate your practice - to include the wild in your work, both indoors and outdoors, in your mind and in your body, and in the connection you offer to those you work with.

This is an opportunity to experience, learn, and gain confidence in working therapeutically  in partnership with the other-than-human.
It is also an ideal taster for the
One Year Wild Therapy training, originally created by Nick Totton, author of 'Wild Therapy' and led in 2019 by Allison and Stephen.

N.B. This workshop is non-residential. Some accommodation is available by separate arrangement.

Wild Therapy - bringing therapy into the wild, and the wild into therapy

The Wild Nature Of Embodiment

& Trance and Transference

Allison Priestman , Jayne Johnson

Nov 10/11, 2018, £185, £160

Bristol , Fulcrum House

For further information and booking please contact Jayne

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This 2 day non residential workshop will be running for the fourth time in as many years. This ever popular workshop was designed and created by Jayne Johnson & Allison Priestman as a way to bring body psychotherapy and shamanism into relationship.

In Bristol, this year, we will be offering a safe and supportive environment and inviting participants to embody and experience the wilder and more animal aspects within us all, though Shamanic journeying, body movement, creative art and relationship. Day 2 brings us into contact with trance and transference to experience how altered states can enhance our work and relationships.

This workshop is aimed at counsellors and psychotherapists who want to deepen their work in a more body orientated channel. It would also be suitable for bodywork practitioners, and anyone interested in shamanic practices.

The Meeting of Worlds. Exploring the ground of body psychotherapy and shamanism.

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Working with Erotic Charge

Allison Priestman

Saturday 2 February 2019

£90 (early bird before Dec. 22th, £75)

Fulcrum House, Bristol

For further information and booking please contact Allison

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Erotic desire is a universal impulse and an essential ingredient of life. Without the fire, the playfulness and the energy of the erotic our lives can become deadened. Yet when the erotic enters the therapy room it can become deeply challenging for both client and therapist.

When clients become attracted to us, or we become attracted to them, our capacity to think and feel creatively and clinically can become compromised. This workshop seeks to resource practitioners to work with the erotic in their practice. My aim is to normalise this material and to support whatever needs to be faced of our professional and cultural taboos.

This day workshop will include:- experiential exercise, group supervision and theory input; especially drawing from Relational Body Psychotherapy. The group will be small 6 to 10 people to support safety and sharing. I have facilitated this workshop several times over the past seven years, each day has felt enlivening, enjoyable and illuminating. I hope you can join me.

This workshop would serve as useful ‘taster’ for the Embodied-Relational Therapy training starting in Derbyshire in April and my Playing with Fire training course starting in September in Bristol.

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The Spirited Wild

An Ecopsychology training day

Allison Priestman

Sat. 29 June 2019,

Swellshill, Stroud, £95 (early bird £75)

For further information and booking please contact Allison

This is an opportunity to experience, learn, and gain confidence in working therapeutically,  in partnership with the other-than-human.

We will take time to immerse ourselves, i in the breathing landscape, in the grass, trees, buzzards and rocks. The workshop aims to support our own and our clients wildness. Exploring how to develop wild mind, our ecological consciousness. Making space for experiences and exploration of spirituality and the wild.

Working inside and out - in my studio and in the wilder,  Cotswold, common land that surrounds my home. We will work individually, in pairs and in the whole group. Group size is limited to 6 participants. Suitable for councillors, psychotherapists and allied practitioners.

This workshop would serve as an ideal taster for the Playing with Fire course starting in September 2019 led by Allison Priestman in Bristol and the Wild therapy training starting in March 2020 run by Jayne Johnson and Allison Priestman.

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Working Relationally with Movement and Touch

A workshop for psychotherapists, counsellors and allied practitioners

Stephen Tame, Allison Priestman

16/17 November 2019, Oxford

£180 (early bird £150)

For further information and booking please contact Allison

Much of our clients'  formative experiences are of movement and touch. It is important for our clients that we have some confidence and competence to work in these core channels of their experience.

Our bodies are in constant movement, mostly unnoticed. This is an opportunity to open and refresh our insight into how our clients move, how we move, and how our clients move us. We will be working with small and large movements, intentional and unconscious movement, in a gentle and supported way.

Similarly, our clients are always experiencing touch – the touch of fabric on skin, the touch of our emotional contact. We will be introducing a frame for working more confidently and intentionally with touch, in support of our clients safety and unfolding process.

This work will be held and explored through a relational framework. Exploring how to make use of and think about, our complex embodied responses to our clients. The weekend will be experiential, underpinned by theoretic input drawn from Embodied-Relational Therapy.

Group size 8-14 participants. This workshop would serve as useful ‘taster’ for the Embodied-Relational Therapy training starting in Derbyshire in April 2020.