Allison Priestman

Therapy as Play

Allison Priestman

Saturday March 10th,  £85, £70 (early bird end Jan)

Amida Mandala Buddhist Temple, Malvern

To book or for further info please contact Satya & Kaspa  01684 572444.

Play is fundamental to our development as babies and children. This workshop will explore the idea that it is also fundamental to the therapeutic process.  The interaction between therapist and client is a way of creating and exploring reality. Through play we try on and experiment with different aspects and parts of ourselves. Through play the paradox that therapy is both real and pretend can be held.

On this experiential workshop we will explore ways that you may currently play in your work and ways to develop and expand playing as a resource. Getting curious about the play of words, sensations, movement's, images, fantasies and contact.

Re-conceptualising therapy as play gives us theoretical ground to support more-than-rational, and non expert approaches. It also offers the possibility of relaxing and being lighter with the demands of our role.

Playing is not always fun or easy and I welcome an exploration of the challenges it raises.

The Wild Nature Of Embodiment

& Trance and Transference

Allison Priestman , Jayne Johnson

Nov 10/11, 2018, £185, £160 (Date Change)

Bristol , Fulcrum House

For further information and booking please contact Jayne

Working Relationally with the Wild in the Client and Therapist Dyad

Day 1 -The Wild Nature of Embodiment. An opportunity for experiencing the wilder sides of our natures both in ourselves and our clients. A held space to explore becoming the 'wild animal within'. A chance to gain experience, tools and understanding, to work with your own and your client's body process.

Day 2- Trance & Transference How can shamanic experiences and insights support embodied relational therapeutic work? An experiential and theoretical exploration of working relationally with trance and altered states.

The aim of this Embodied-Relational Therapy workshop is to resource practitioners to work with their educated and embodied instincts. Suitable for counsellors, psychotherapists, bodywork practitioners, and anyone interested in shamanic practices. Our aim is to create a safe and contained environment where deep professional and personal learning can occur.

Supporting Wildness

Working Relationally with the Wild in Therapy


Allison Priestman

May 12 2018

Norwich, £90, £75 Earlybird (before mid March)

For further information and booking please contact Allison

What does an embodied, relational and wild therapeutic approach look like? Is Wild a Place? Or a Process? Where is it to be found, and how do we invite it in? I will be exploring ways in which liminal awareness, daydreaming, and embodiment meet, and offering the concept of Wild Mind as a way to think about working relationally across these territories.

I hope to create together an experiential and theoretical space in which to explore, play and invite insight: How do we use all of our relational resources, our capacity to be intuitive and intellectual, to be embodied and en-minded. How do we support Wildness ...our ability to listen to the wider, wild intelligence inside us and of which we are a part.

My aim is to create an environment where deep professional and personal learning can take place. I hope that the workshop will appeal to practitioners across a broad range of therapeutic approaches.

(This workshop was previously advertised as being co-facilitated with Kate O’Halloran and for the whole weekend. My apologies for the change.)

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