Allison Priestman

Continuing Professional Development Programme


Focusing on the wild personally and professionally is increasingly important to me. I live in the Cotswold's on the commons that surround Stroud. I'm developing a practice of daily walking and connecting to the other-than-human and more-than-human, that live in this beautiful place. In my work with client supervisees and the training I'm offering, working with the wild feels nourishing and growthful.

So why the wild? I'm passionate about supporting people to be more wild; more embodied, less domesticated, freer, bigger, softer. More like an animal, the mammals that we are. Finding a new balance which trusts our sense based experiences as well as our intellects. Learning to live in taste, touch, smell, sound, sight, feelings, dreams, visions and thoughts.

It's good for us, it helps us join up, with some of our lost parts. Our hearts, our guts, our feet, our wish to dance, to play. We can feel lighter, more nourished, more resourced. Allowing our wildness also offers the potential of becoming more relaxed, efforting less, more trusting of ourselves and our place on the earth. Supporting our ability to listen to the wild intelligence inside us and of which we are a part.

This autumn I’m offering two weekend workshops exploring wild therapy in therapeutic work, one in October and one in November.

In March 2019 I'm excited to be running the next Wild Therapy year-long training with Stephen Tame. I'm looking forward to the immersion in wild processes, that comes with working with a group of 12 or so people on a year-long journey, exploring our relationship with nature/the earth/wildness. To Watch a video of me talking about Wild Therapy and the training.

I offer training from an Embodied-Relational Therapy perspective from one day workshops to a three year long course. I work alone and with members of the ERT Training Team  Stephen Tame and Jayne Johnson.

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Comment from past course participant

“Allison brings the whole of her self to the work without hiding behind the facade of therapist. She is real and this capacity allowed me tremendous space to bring myself as fully as possible into the work. She met my rage fearlessly with compassion and with great humility.” Matthew