Allison Priestman


Priestman, A. (2015) We the Human Animals, Exploring an Embodied, Relational and Wild approach to Therapy. Self and Society, 43

Priestman, A. (2012) The Quietly Ferocious Struggle: A Review of Nick Totton's Contribution to and Thinking about Training in Psychotherapy. Psychotherapy and Politics International Vol. 11, No. 1

Book Chapters

Totton, N. Priestman, A. (2012) Embodiment & Relationship: Two halves of one whole. In: C Young (ed.), About Relational Body Psychotherapy (pp 35-53) Stow, UK: Body Psychotherapy Publications.

Blog Posts

On Play

The idea of play may fill you with delight or horror or a complex mix of both. It seems to me that play is fundamental to our development as children, and also to our healing and therapeutic process.  The interaction between therapist and client is a way of exploring and creating reality….

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