Allison Priestman


Bringing therapy into the wild, and wildness into therapy

Stephen Tame & Allison Priestman

Video of Allison talking about the Training

March 2019– January 2020

Three residentials in Derbyshire and Lancashire, and one weekend in Bristol

              Cost: £1950, Contact: Allison or Stephen

An exploration and celebration of therapy’s wildness: its capacity to transcend the limitations we place on our creativity and connectedness.

Working outdoors in comparatively undomesticated settings encourages us to bring the other-than-human and more-than human – animals, birds, plants, trees, hills, rivers, winds, dreams, ghosts, spirits – into the therapeutic process. Spending time ‘in nature’, as we say, can help us appreciate that we are never anywhere else, always inhabiting and encountering our own nature.

In living, working and creating community together, and meeting other species in the outdoors, we may come to a stronger recognition of the interdependence of all beings: moving from a more hardened, human-centric view to a softer recognition of the value of all that lives. Bringing these experiences back indoors, we discover how they change our therapeutic work, moving us to work in a less constrained and habit-bound style when we are in the therapy room, as much as when we are outside.

Wild Therapy supports the spontaneous and the unknown, trusting what arises of its own accord. It celebrates embodiment as a central aspect of our existence, moving back and forth between the training room and the spacious, elemental vessel of earth and sky, inviting us to transform fear based, defensive practice into contact based, adventurous practice: enriching both our therapy work, and life on earth. This year course gives you the opportunity to work with and learn from wildness as it manifests in the client-therapist relationship.

Dates: 14th to 19th March 2019: 5 nights at Unstone Grange

16th to 21st May 2019:5 nights at Middlewood Study Centre in Roeburndale

5th to 10th September 20189 5 nights at the camping barn in Roeburndale

25th & 26th January 2020: A final non-residential weekend in Bristol

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